Why does view return different results in Enterprise Manager than in adp?



I've got the following view (SQL 2005):

SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.MyTable.*
FROM dbo.MyTable
ORDER BY LEFT(Block, 5), CAST(SUBSTRING(Block, 6, 10) AS integer),

This returns rows in the order that I want. Here's a sample:
<column1>, Block1, ...<column n>
<column1>, Block2, ...<column n>
<column1>, Block10,...<column n>

In the adp (originally developed in 2003, now using 2010) this view
returns these rows, which is not what I want:
<column1>, Block1, ...<column n>
<column1>, Block10, ...<column n>
<column1>, Block2, ...<column n>

I've got a column called "Block" that has these values: Block1,
Block2, .... Block10. I'm trying to sort the rows so that the order
is in the expected order, which is Block1, Block2...Block10.

Why the difference in rows returned between Enterprise Manager and the
adp? Is there some setting in the adp that I need to tweak?

Thanks for any help or advice.

a a r o n . k e m p f

Yes, you can re-arrange the columns to be in the order that you want,
and then hit the SAVE button.

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