Unwanted Expr1 Alias in View design (Adp and SEM)


Bonno Hylkema

When I make a new View in Access 2000 Adp I get unwanted Expr1..2..3
Aliases. I add two tables. From the first table I select * (all columns),
from the second table I select one column. This column gets automatically an
Expr1 alias. This should not be the case since the column name is unique and
is not used in table 1.

When I select individual columns in table 1 everything works fine, no

If I try the same experiment in SQL Server Enterprise Manager I have the
same behaviour, thus the same problem.

I tried it on SQL Server 6.5 and on SQL Server 7.0. Both show the same
behaviour, thus the same problem.

Is this a way to prevent me from using the * (all columns) syntax or do I
overlook something?

Many thanks for any tip or suggestion.

Bonno Hylkema

Steve Jorgensen

It's hard to have anything to offer without more details about the specific
case. Can you list the field names in the 2 tables?

Bonno Hylkema

To reproduce the behaviour, do the following:

Make an Access project: adp1.adp
Connect to the pubs database
Go to View design and add the tables: titles and titleauthor
Select from table titles the column * (all columns)
Select from table titleauthor the columns au_id and title_id
Now you see in the grid:
column alias table
* titles
au_id Expr1 titleauthor
title_id Expr2 titleauthor

The aliases Expr1 and Expr2 are not wanted and I can't get rid of them
If you delete them, they will be reproduced when you add another field or if
you save the view and reopen the view.

If you select from the table titles not the * (all columns) but a single
column like title, everything works fine.

It's a mistery to me. There is a KB article 288527 stating similar problems,
but the article has no solution!

Regards, Bonno Hylkema

Peter Kaufman

I only get one 'exp', which is exp1 as an alias for
titleauthor.titleID, which I fully expect as otherwise there would be
two fields with the same name, title_id - one from each table.
Obviously it is not workable to have two fields in the result with the
same name, so one is renamed for you.


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