view shows diffent result in ADP & Enterprise manager



HI All

I have created a view in an ADP (A2K3, SQL2K) but I am getting a queer
behaviour. the view is just a simple select limited by a :

WHERE name LIKE '%john%'

When I run the view from Access it returns only a single record but when I
run the same view from within EM I get 5 records!! I have checked and there
is no fillter in Access..

Anyone experienced same sort of behaviour?

Robert Morley

This is a long-shot, but have you (perhaps accidentally) limited the number
of records returned on Access' end, have you? Assuming you're doing it
through the GUI, I think the only way to do it is via "Tools", "Options",
"Advanced", then "Default Max Records".

At the ADODB level, you can also set MaxRecords for each recordset you open.

Doesn't sound like either of these is the problem, but I figured it couldn't
hurt to check.



I've also experienced the same problem as well as a coworker of mine although
another coworker running the same adp does not experience this problem. It
makes you seriously question the reliability of the rest of the adp features.


rob / mike

thank you for your responses and I have indeed checked about everything.....
Still experiencing the problem although now I have seen a subtle difference.
The view when run within Access returns a non-exhaustive recordset. However,
when the exact same SQL is used with ADO to populate the recordsource of a
form, then the full (as expected) recordset is returned just as what is
returned in EM!!!

Any other leads?



let's all show up in redmond and start kicking down doors

i mean-- these guys aren't fixing bugs and i demand a refund; for every
client i've ever had for the full retail of Office Pro.

i've had 30 different clients over the past 8 years; and MS is too
drunk and fat and lazy to fix bugs like this.

so i say it's time to get a vigilante squad

rage against microsoft
it's the only answer

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