Why does my time stamp change when I reopen my Word document?



I am a trainer doing observations in teachers' classrooms. When I time stamp
my Word document, and then close it to finish it later, the time stamp
changes from the time when I stamped it, to the current time when I re-open
the document.

How do I contine to work on my Word document I started previously, and keep
the times stamped without updating them to the current time it is when I
re-open the document?



Joe McGuire

Not sure what you mean by "time stamp." If you mean you insert a date and
time using Insert, Date & Time, make sure you don't have a check mark in the
block for Update Automatically. For putting dates on documents that are
created from templates inserting a field is usually more efficacious. But
if you actually want to insert the current date and time in a document,
perhaps several different time in the same document (e.g. in a log recording
your observation as a particular time) I don't think fields will be too



Graham Mayor

You are inserting a date or time field which reflects the system date or
time of the computer. In order to insert fixed times, the simplest method is
to use a macro attached to a keyboard shortcut or to a custom toolbar
button. http://www.gmayor.com/installing_macro.htm

The following should do the trick

Sub TimeNow()
Selection.InsertBefore Format((Time), "hh:mm am/pm")
End Sub

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site www.gmayor.com

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