Why does converter with Word 2002 not convert to WP5.x?



The converter that came with Word 2002 is supposed to convert files to and
from Word 2002 and WordPerfect 5.x for Windows. It has an option in the
"save as" menu for doing so, and the Microsoft website indicates that this
can be done. However, when attempting to convert from Word to any
WordPerfect format, including 5.x for Windows, I get a message, "Word cannot
save WordPerfect 5.x for Windows files. The converter for this format can
only open files."

Anyone have any ideas?


The WordPerfect 5.x converter originally supplied with Word 2002
and Office XP could both import from and export to WordPerfect
5.x format. But that converter contained a security
vulnerability, and one of the Office service packs replaced the
original converter with an import-only version. You can, at your
own risk, reinstall the original converter from your Word 2002 or
Office XP CD, or download it from Word MVP Graham Mayor's website
http://www.gmayor.com/downloads.htm .

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