How do I save MSWord files in WordPerfect format?



I used to be able to do this, but now the Word 2002 from Office XP software
gives me a message saying "Word cannot save files in the WordPerfect 5.x"
format (even though that is one of the choices on the pull-down save-as menu).

It goes on to say that the converter can ONLY view Wordperfect files, but
cannot convert from Word to Wordperfect (and I have the latest office
updates, per the site update tool).


That is correct... I think it was Service Pack 3 for Office XP that
replaced the read/write WordPerfect 5.x converter with a new read-only
version because the read/write converter could allow malicious macros to
run or viruses to be installed. If you so desire, you can reinstall the
old WP5.x converter from your Office XP CD.


Correction: The WP5.x converter that comes with Office XP is read-only,
but you can install the WP5.x converter from a previous version of
Office or download the old converter from Word MVP Graham Mayor's
website .

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