why do archive folders appear in folder list (mail view)?



I have set up auto archive for various folders (sent, deleted) just like I
did for outlook 2003.

However, in outlook 2007, several archive folders appear in my folder list
once in a while. Some of these folders contain subfolders like sent, junk,
deleted. However, some of them are completely empty -- in other words, some
of the archive folders are just empty trees. One of them contains the
archived deleted folder. Usually I close them when I see them. Then, a few
weeks later some archive folders show up again.

What is causing these archive folders (some empty, some not) to appear? This
never happened in outlook 2003.


You would need to check your Archive settings for each of your Folders, it
would appear certain folders are Archiving to a different Archive set
You do only have one set of Personal Folders open?

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