Prevent Outlook from deleting empty folders


JT Klipfer

I know I could do this process manually and rather simply, but I'm always one
to make technology work for me rather than me working around it ... even
though you sometimes have to do just that.

Anyway, my company uses a 3rd-party e-mail archive tool. Basically you
select a message(s) and click the archive addin button & it makes a copy on
the enterprise e-mail archive server. You can only archive messages from
within the mailbox itself ... not personal folders, so, in order to maintain
my organizational/filing structure, I just create my folders in the trash can
& sent items folders. Once I file messages and click the archive addin
button, it copies my filing structure to the archive server.

I also get a significant amount of internal junk mail, which I have created
a rule to place in the Junk Mail folder if it comes from perpetual senders of
garbage. However, I don't want to delete them immediately in case there's
some important info in the message; I usually peruse them a couple of times a

Here's my problem:
1. I have to manually go through and delete all my archived messages once
they've been archived.
2. In order to purge old Junk Mail messages, I have to run auto archive ...
just to make it delete messages older than 1 week, but, unfortunately, the
Auto Archive process also deletes the empty folders that result from step 1
above ... even though I have the Deleted Items & Sent Items folders set NOT
to Auto Archive.

Any ideas on how I might be able to automate my process so that my empty
folders aren't deleted? This is problematic, because if I accidentally
misspell a recreated folder ... then as you can see the misspelling is
transferred to the 3rd party archive & I end up with messages spread all over
mistakenly created folders. If we could get it so that I wouldn't have to
manually delete archived messages too that would just be a bonus.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation ... thanks, in advance, for the help!--JT

Roady [MVP]

I might be missing something here but why exactly do you create a filing
structure in the Deleted Items folder to begin with?
I also get a significant amount of internal junk mail
What do you mean with that? Junk E-mail is coming from outside your company.
You mean that you are dropping internal messages because of some internal
email overflow? You might want to attack that at the source or otherwise
move it to some other folder to the Junk Email folder for organizational
purposes. I wouldn't want to mix that with actual Junk E-mail.

1) Why? Doesn't the add-in come with an option to do that? What's the point
of such an archiving add-in if it doesn't delete the original message? You'd
be creating duplicates.
2) What happens to your Sent Items in this case?
Which version of Outlook are you using?
Which mail account type are you using?

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