Why can't I change my default font and spacing settings?



I'm trying to change the default font from Calibri 11 pt to the good ol'
Times New Roman 12 pt I'm most familiar with. I'm also trying to change the
paragraph spacings to 0 pt before and after (so single space is really single
spaced, etc.). I follwed the Help directions to a T for changing the
defaults. Then, when I open a new Word document.....it's back to Calibri 11
pt, etc. It's not keeping my defaults? Any ideas why? This isn't a trial copy
of Office. I bought it, installed it, registered it, activated it,




Do the following:
Start Word
Home tab, Styles group, Change Styles, Style Set, Word 2003
Home tab, Styles group, Change Styles, Fonts, Office Classic
Home tab, Styles group, Change Styles, Set as Default

If you want the margins to be the same as 2003, do the following:
Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, Margins, Office 2003
Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher, Page
Setup dialog box, Margins tab, Default, Yes


I did all of that, and it still goes back to the original defaults whenever I
open a new Word document.



Stefan Blom

Something is preventing the Normal template from saving correctly. Did you
install any add-ins recently?

As a workaround, you can open the normal.dotm file directly (as a file) and
make the desired modifications there. To locate normal.dotm, you can search
for it in Windows (be sure to search hidden files and folders). When you
find it, right-click it and choose Open from the context menu.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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