Who do you create a survey in Frontpage?


Andrew Murray

Could we have a little more information from you?

What sort of survey? Like one of those web polls where you click a choice
and it goes to a page showing user's responses (usually in a bar-graph

Or are you wanting something a little more in-depth? What will your survey
be asking? How many questions, what data are you intending to collect?
There are many web sites with "survey" scripts, which basically collect the
data into a database. Try www.hotscripts.com

On a more basic level, you can use the form components within Frontpage,
design a form with your questions, and allow a means of response eg textbox
for writing a response, check boxes for choosing multiple answers (where one
or more might apply) or radio buttons for making one choice (eg yes or no
type answers).

Then you can configure the form to send you the results to your email (if
your host supports the form/email components of the FP server ext),
otherwise you need to make sure you host allows you to run scripts (the type
of which is applicable to your server eg ASP, PHP, Perl etc) and obtain one
from a variety of sources on the internet, one is mentioned above.


I need to create a survey with several questions, mainly questions that they
may have more than one answer to. Their will be about 30 people
participating in the survey.

After everyone has completed the survey I would like to be able to pull all
the answers into an excel worksheet possibly.

I work with Frontpage quite a bit but I've created a survey before. Any
help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Andrew Murray

As I said in my first reply, www.hotscripts.com is a good place to start.


Or try Google to search for more scripts, or design your own survey form, &
send the results to your email or to a text file (CSV) which will easily
import into Excel, or send the results to a database (MS Access). This
requires the Frontpage extensions.

If you have a unix server, then www.ezscripting.co.uk might help - they
offer free scripts, that write, read and search a database (flat-text files
that open in Notepad or import into Excel). I've used these in the past on
my ISP's web server (my Internet account web space) because they didn't
support PHP or MySQL for basic internet accounts. they are pretty good for
what they are, though, and should suit you. They might take a bit of
setting up, if you're not used to do this, and you would need to FTP them
(not using Frontpage) to be able to set the file permissions (CHMOD) which
might be a problem if you use Frontpage Server Extensions.

Therefore I recommend you host on a frontpage-enabled server that allows you
to publish through it (http mode), and either have your form send the
results to 1) email 2) csv file 3) access database. if you choose 1) then
you could possibly enter the data into your spreadsheet manually.

Otherwise use method 2) which is easily imported into Excel or method 3)
which *might* be able to be imported into Excel, I'm not sure. Anyway, even
if you use the MS Access method, you can create your reports and so on
within Access (assuming you have MS Access, of course).

If you've worked with forms before, it shouldn't be too difficult to set
this up.

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