white boxes around menu items in some programs


Robert M Jones

WinXP Home - with all latest updates installed

In my user account (but not in my Admin account) I see little white
boxes around the text of the main items in the menu bar of some programs
(but not all - not in MSOffice for example but I do see it in Notepad
Plus, and Mailwasher).

I do NOT see these white boxes if I open the same programs in my Admin
I am not aware of any program that is open in the user account that is
not also in the Admin account.

I use ZoneAlrm free as a firewall, Skype, Mailwasher Pro 6.3, Winzip
Quickpick, Counterspy VIPRE, RealPopup, - these are all present in both
admin and user accounts.

Anyone any ideas please?
Many thanks in advance.

Rev Robert M Jones, Wimborne Baptist Church, UK
Free trial of Mailwasher Pro - effective email spam filter - (commission
goes to our partners in Bulgaria)

Robert M Jones



Great - many thanks. That fixed it beautifully. First part of the fix
did it.

Great, I'm really glad Ramesh's fix sorted things out for you, and
thanks for letting us know.

Best wishes,

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