Where to buy new fan for asus 7870 dc2 v2

Jul 8, 2013
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Hello yestrday my fan has stoped working and when i started playing sniper ghost 2 i saw my gpu went up to 70c then it crashed and i saw that one of the fans went working so i decided to unscrew the gpu and see why and it turned out that it was because one of my cables had been pulled out

I have no idea where to buy one of those so can any one help me out here? i have looked on ebay amazon and asus website but i didnt find anything i send a email to asus if they called send me one of those because i still have my warranty or tell me where to buy but you know that asus is a big company and its gona take at least 1 week to replay so i would like to get my answer quicker so i can play my games again and not kill my gpu as im playing. sorry for my grammer but im writing from school quickly as i have a problem with my internet connection at home

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