Where is the mdw


David W. Fenton

All I can think of is that the search engine may have missed
another 1 somewhere, but why would the registry search turn up
What version of Windows were you running the search on? As I said
before, Vista and Win7 hide stuff unless you turn of UAC (which you
shouldn't). It's a problem, indeed.

It also means I have to do another round of testing of my FileSearch
replacement class module, as it breaks badly on Win7 (I haven't
tested it on Vista) because it's running without an admin token, so
if you search C:\ including subdirectories, it errors out repeatedly
in ways I can't quite figure out (if I remove the error handler, I
end up hitting errors that happen earlier in the process that when
the error handler is in place are skipped; Catch-22!). I am hoping
that I can use the File System Object instead of the built-in VBA
functions (e.g., replace Dir() with the corresponding FSO
functionality) and avoid the problem. But I'm worried about it -- it
may be that there is no way around the problem.

(for a description of my FileSearch class module and the reason why
I created it see:



Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Joan Wild said:
I don't know, but 2003 does not put it there by default.

2003 can use the 97 system.mdw, so is it possible that you secured
something in 2003, and then reset your default workgroup to the one in
windows\system32 folder (I could see this easily happening since that is
the familiar location to you).

Joan Wild
Now that makes sense, and is probably what happened.




I think it is the installation order.

Installing (????some version????) retains your default system.mdw.


On one machine I've wound up with a copy of system.mdw
david\application data
rather than
all users\application data

and I don't know how that happened..

And there are other applications which installed JET:
A copy of "Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool" installed
and registered a rogue copy of DAO: it might easily have
installed a rogue copy of system.mdw at the same time.


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