Changing MDW File (?)



When we first set up our database, we used the built-in User
Level Security. We wanted that because we had to use a
sneaker-net to a remote office, and didn't want anyone there
to accidentally destroy anything.

After some problems with the remote user's not being able to
do what they needed, management made a knee-jerk reaction,
and said to give the remote-office personnel full admin
permissions to the entire db.

After a few years of trouble-free use, management has now
made two decisions:

1. To have our IT dept. set up the remote office front-end
to link directly to our home-office back-end (instead of
doing manual, monthly appends at the home-office).

2. Set up some sort of mechanism such that the
remote-office personnel cannot alter records after a
yet-to-be-determined amount of time.

Since the remote office has a copy of the original MDW file,
I'm assuming that I'll need to shift the mdb over to a
different MDW file. Is that correct?

If I'm on the right track here, can I just make a copy of
the existing MDW, rename it, open the mdb and use the
Workgroup Administrator to set the mdb to use the new MDW?
Then alter the User/Group assignments to suit?

This is using MS Access 2002 on WindowsXP machines.

Is my plan good?

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