mdw file location for split dbs



This is a ,sort of, follow-up post to my previous security question

Assuming another developer setup a split db where he setup the computer's
default mdw to use the database's mdw, so that the database mdw gets
installed on every pc locally. Can this cause a problem in a multi-user

Let me explain a little more:
Typically, you place the back-end and the database on the central server and
then deploy the front-end on each user's desktop pc. Then in your shortcut
you reference the mdw and the mde (or mdb).

In this case that I am trying to fix a performance issue, they placed the
back-end in a central location, but then deployed the front-end and the
database mdw on each user's desktop pc. They setup the mdw as access'
default mdw so they don't need to specify the /wrkgrp in the shortcut.

Could this setup explain a performance hit when a 2nd user logs into the db?
Or is this an acceptable setup?

Thank you


Tom van Stiphout

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 16:48:01 -0700, QB <[email protected]>

I would keep the workgroup file on the server, perhaps in the same
folder as the back-end. Then use Tony's excellent program to deploy the front-end. The tool will also
create a shortcut on the user's desktop, including the /wrkgrp switch
if needed (see And please
do consider the voluntary license.

Microsoft Access MVP


The MDW is a database of user names and passwords. If it
changes frequently, and you need to be able to get the current
list of users and passwords, it should be on a server.

If you are just using the default access login, it only has the
default name "admin" and default password "", and the
default groups "users" "admins" etc.

If it is on the server, it can be shared by all users. Since
users only typically use it once, at login, that is not a problem,
but if you are doing development, it can be locked, which
can lock everyone out. But that only mean that you should
use a separate copy when doing development.

If it is shared on the server, it can be a performance hit,
but only when it is used, which is typically only when the
user starts Access.

Using a local copy of the database cannot cause a performance
hit and cannot cause locking problems, but, as with any database,
if you use a private copy you don't have any changes made by
other users.

Sometimes when you deploy applications to users, you deploy
them to the users home drive. The home drive may actually
be a network drive. If you deploy a personal copy of the MDW
to each user, but then put it in the users area of a network
drive, you have the worst of both speed and distribution problems.

But even that shouldn't matter, because typically the MDW is
only used when the user is starting Access.


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