Where can I download the MSN Gaming Zone Internet Games (checkers,



I have recently switched computers, but still am running Windows XP. I had
the MSN Gaming Zone Internet Checkers, Reversi, etc on the old system... and
now would like them on the new system. I have looked online for a place to
download the entire pack, but have been unsuccessful in finding them. I've
done as was suggested on a few sites (control panel, 'add remove window
components', etc) but there is no option for the MSN Internet Gaming Zone. I
have also checked the Windows Installation CD - and nope... no luck.
Please, if you can help me get these installed onto the new computer, I
would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance!

Nelson Jr.

Same problem friend, I love to play checkers, let me know if you learn how to
get it!

Nelson Jr.
(e-mail address removed)

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