When you hit Save on a template, how can you save as worksheet?



When I click on a template, how do I get it to open a worksheet from the
template and not the template itself? Before when I opened a template (xlt
file) and hit save, a Save As pop up box promted me to save as a worksheet.
Now when I hit Save any changes I made to the template saves as the template,
so it is part of the template. Do you know how to change this? I really don't
remember having to go to File-Save As before every time I want to save a new
workbook/worksheet from the template.



Dave Peterson

(saved from a previous post)

This is exactly the way excel treats template (*.xlt) files.

If you're saving as a template file, then don't do that anymore. Save as a
normal workbook (*.xls).

But if you're saving as a normal workbook...

Are you opening .xls files by doubleclicking them in windows explorer?

And do the workbooks that are opened look like:
(no extension at all???)

If all that's true, then it sounds like windows thinks that the file should be
treated as a Template. If you rightclick on that file in windows explorer, do
you see Open in bold or New in bold?

If you see New in bold, then the first thing I'd try is to reregister excel.

Close Excel and
Windows Start Button|Run
excel /unregserver
Windows Start Button|Run
excel /regserver

Then test it out.

If that doesn't work...

Close excel
start windows explorer
tools|folder options|file types tab
scroll down to the xls extension (microsoft excel worksheet)
click the advanced button
click on the Open item in the Actions box
click set as default
(ok your way out)

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