whats the top amd processor these days




About 6 years ago, I went shopping around for a computer, and (as I've done
before) I found the computer I wanted. Then went home, got online to
tigerdirect.com and picked out all the same parts that were on the computer
in the store that I liked, and it wound up costing me 1/2 of what I would
have paid in any other store I'd been to. I don't know if it'll cut my final
price in half anymore, but it should save me a few hundred dollars if I do
that again this year. BUT another thing I've found out, is that these days,
the help at the stores I've been to aren't 1/2 as well educated as they used
to be back in the old days of 2006. I can't get one of them to say to me:
"Well if you like using AMD processors then the top of the line processor
these days is the amd_xxx". or whatever it's called.
So far all I've gotten from one kid, is, "The best amd processor we have in
stock is the A8"
Can someone please tell me whats amd's "top-O-The-Line" for public use on
a desktop, home PC.

See I'll start off with a good processor, and then Tigerdirect will help me
to build the best computer for that processor from that point on.

If you've never gotten a computer this way, you should try it out. It's the
best way to do it, and save alotta money. You like saving bucks don't ya?
Cause if not then we should meet up, and become friends. (Just kiddin'

Thanks alot
(e-mail address removed)

Bug Dout

Christ, Tigerdirect sucks. Anyway, go to AMD's website and see what they
think their best CPU is. Then go to Newegg.com and make your purchase

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