AMD X2 4200/5200 vs E6850



Looking over prospects, if I want, $14 to update an AMD from 2.2 to
2.8Ghz. Rough benchmarks 1/5 or a sixth more umph. Nowhere in the
same league as similarly priced Intel (I just updated and stuck in a
different MB a week ago): Intel's 4G cache is killer, instruction
sets, pipelining methods, everthing et that goes with al.

Nope, the AMD's 5200 x2 512Meg is pretty thin by comparison by all
accounts. Except mine - what I use the AMD for seems adequately fast,
& no complaints for the most;- Of course to do it right, I'd have to
pull and rebuild two systems, effectively swapping this new E6850 into
a multimedia scenario. Major corncob up the ol' yazhoo's pipe in
terms of work invovled. Be a major catastrophic letdown, too, if I
didn't "feel" signifcant takeover power from the E6850 over the 4200
-- as "the benchmarks" everybody else use. I just don't work that
way;- I want cheap thrills, bigtime WoW me;...nor that I'm even going
near considering it, the corncob aspect is a seriously thick one.

Better off biased on not enough propeller-cap twirleybird go-go, and
just keeping my X2 4200 (looks like I bought close to 2 years ago).

Heh...kick butt retro pricing, relatively, with the first one (my old
receipt - new at the time, no less): Boy!, was that Orleans a dog
processor. (Wasn't handling multimedia decodes especially well, and
nowhere near what I need now for sound processing - the stake thru the
heart at the time for an update to a 4200.

7/25/12 Last One AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Energy Efficient - 2.2 GHz
Dual-Core (ADO4200IAA5DD)...Condition:Used
Quantity: 1 $16.00 USPS Priority Mail FREE

AMD Athlon 64 LE-1640 Orleans 2.6GHz Socket AM2 45W Single-Core
Processor ADH1640DHBOX
Item #: N82E16819103239 512M L2 cache (not 1M)
--Processors (CPUs) Return Policy $35.99


Heh...kick butt retro pricing, relatively..

And another thing. I'm stuck here with this MB. Nowhere near the
options for this AMD2 socket that I've with a 755Intel -- that
thing'll do quads -oh, boy!, a Gigabyte G41MT-S2PT F2.

If I want significance of this AMD setup, a Gigabyte m61pme-s2, well,
it's KISS the old AMD2 right in the middle hole and go buy another
better one (Read My Lips: There are no WOWIEZOWIE AMD processors for

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