What's killing Volume Shadow Copy?


Bert Hyman

XP Pro SP3

Starting on March 23, I started seeing VSS errors in the Application
Event Log, all from my Avira anti-virus nightly scans. Looking farther,
I found that the VSSADMIN commainds "list shadows" and "list writers"
both produced "Error: 0x8000ffff."

The "standard" fix seemed to be to re-install COM+, so I did that
without any problems, and VSSADMIN produced normal results. After
running normally for a while, I tried VSSADMIN again and found that
"list shadows" was now erroring again. A little while later, "list
writers" was failing too.

Performing the COM+ re-install fixed things again, but again only

What sort of things could be causing this?


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