What startup command will enforce Details view in Win Explorer?



I’m running Win 2000 SP 4.

I never want to see large icons in Windows Explorer, in any version of
Windows, forever. Nevertheless, year in and year out, it often reverts
to large icons.

And right now things are even worse. No matter what I do, I can’t get
Details view to appear by default on Win Explorer startup at all.

Two possible shots-in-the-foot I’m giving myself are:

- I’m running TweakUI. (The stupid thing has no Help / About, so I
can’t report its version.)

- My change from Win 98 to 2000 was an reinstall-over, not a system

So what happens is:

- I launch Win Explorer. Large icons are displayed.
- I select View / Details. Large icons change to Details.
- I select Tools / Folder Options / View tab / “Like current folder”.
- I exit Win Explorer.
- I restart Win Explorer. Large icons are displayed.

TweakUI’s Explorer tab / “Save Explorer Window settings” checkbox IS

I’ve also tried setting HKCU/SW/MS/Win/CV/Policies/
Explorer/“NoSaveSettings” to “00 00 00 00”, as well as deleting the
key entirely. (But is this the very key that TweakUI’s using?)

I’ve become a fundamentalist. I have absolute faith that nothing can
ever be done manually in Windows, at any time in human history, to
enforce a preferred view permanently. After years and years of trying,
it DOES NOT happen for me.

But I am willing ‘n eager to implement a Windows startup command to do

So: what command, Registry tweak, script, ANYTHING--can be done during
Windows startup to always enforce Win Explorer Details view?

Thanks much.


Roger Fink

It's totally illogical and counterintuitive, but it's also Windows: you have
to uncheck the box in folder options that says "Remember each folder's view
settings". Uncheck anything in TweakUI in conflict with that. That will
likely fix it.

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