What is Microsoft Outlook 2007 forward as iCalendar



I read in an article that I could AVOID having my meeting attendees
constantly accept meeting updates by sending the changes through using a
feature called "Forward as iCalendar." For example, I want to change a
meeting end time, type text in body of meeting notice, and then add an
attachment. I set up a test with a coworker. However, it still required me
sending an update after I sent it as a "Forward as iCalendar", because I went
to close the meeting and the options were to save or not save changes. I
think this was because I changed the time. So, I then set up a new test,
without changing the time, and saved the changes without sending the update.
(This was not an option before.) Then I opened the mtg up and forwared as
iCalendar. What is "forward as iCalendar" supposed to be utilized for? This
exercise didn't work as described in the article.

P.S. I know how to turn on and off attendee "request responses" People still
respond when they don't have to.

Following is the article. Thank you for your assistance.

You sent a meeting request to a bunch of people. Your boss calls you up and
tells you that you need to add an agenda to this meeting, but you don’t want
everyone to get the meeting request again and have to accept/decline it.
Trust me, people start to get irritated when this happens over and over again.

The other issue might be that they see a meeting request, usually don’t open
it if it’s an update and decide to just accept the updated version. They
don’t see the attached agenda or other attachment that you’ve added and go to
the meeting oblivious of what’s going on or if they should have prepared for
the meeting.

You can avoid this by using the “Forward as iCalendar†function in Microsoft
Office 2007. This is a great way to send the meeting request as an attachment
in a forwarded e-mail. You can also write a short note and attach any other
files that you need to, to advise your meeting attendees of the changes. This
way, they will be more inclined to read the e-mail properly.

To do this, open up your scheduled meeting in the calendar that you are
using and click on “Forward as iCalendarâ€. Then just follow the regular flow
of sending an e-mail to everyone.

So next time your boss asks you to send something after the fact for a
meeting update, make sure to use the “Forward as iCalendar†function instead.



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Adding text to the Notes field should not kick off an update- only changing
the time, attendees, location should force an update.

an ical is a meeting request suitable for non-outlook clients, including
gmail calendar, apple etc. While you can forward meeting requests to
outlook users, they'd still need to accept it to add it to their calendar.

Do you have any addins installed? Is Office 2007 SP2 installed?

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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