Western Digital Passport Drive



I am trying to get Vista to recognize my Western Digital Passport 2.0 USB
drive. All I get is the dreaded USB Device not recognized message. I have a
Western Digital My Book hooked up with no problem. I have taken the My Book
off to see if that was the problem but it wasn't. I have searched for drivers
thru Device Manager but it just keeps referring to the drive as unknown

The drive works fine on my other computer running Windows XP. After an hour
on the phone with tech support for Western Digital, they decided I needed the
drivers from Vista.

Has anyone else had a problem? The drive is supposed to work with Vista with
no problem. I have looked for drivers but I'm not seeing them. I'm sure I'm
overlooking them.

Can anyone help me please?


Sorry Dick - haven't come up with an answer yet. I tried to take the drive
back but of coruse couldn't because I had had it for more than 30 days. This
experience has sure soured me on Western Digital. Nothing on the package
indicated it would only work with certain versions of Vista. And to have them
give the answers they have is mind-numbing.

So it looks like I am out bucks. Shame too because I really like the size
and everything about it. Just wished it worked!


You can get a four port SELF POWERED USB hub for about 12 dollars. This
will provide the needed power instead of your ports. And you can plug other
stuff in.

Before you do, be sure you are connecting the drive to the rear USB ports of
your system. Front ports are often running of an internal hub and have even
less power available. Also, use the cable that came with the drive, and
other than a powered hub, don't use an extension.

Good luck.

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