How to Recover Data from Western Digital External Hard Drives?



Western Digital Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of
hard drive in the world. It specialized in both internal hard drive
and external hard drives. The popular external hard drives these days
including WD Elements Portable, WD Elements Portable SE, My Passport
Essential and My Passport Essential SE. some of them have the function
of backup automatically, but some are not. If you lost data
unexpectedly, and do not have a backup, you need Western digital
recovery software to help you restore them. Read the tutorial below to
see how to recover data from Western digital external hard drives.

1. Connect the portable hard drive to PC with USB. Generally, each
portable hard drive has its corresponding USB like USB2.0, USB3.0.If
it is detected by the PC and appear in My Computer as a drive letter.
Purchase or download Western digital data recovery software like Card
Data Recovery;

2. Launch the program, click “scan” to scan deleted files in hard
drive, and you can see all lost data listed in the task list with file

3. Click “recover” to retrieve the lost data or you can preview them
before recovery.

Other issues like format, logical failure like external hard drive
partition damaged, etc. are also supported by Card Data Recovery.
Western Digital external hard drives supported including: WD Elements
Portable , WD Elements Portable SE, My Passport Essential, My Passport
Essential SE, Western Digital My Book Studio, Western Digital My Book
Premium , Western Digital My Book Premium II, Western Digital
Elements, Western Digital My Book Essential, Western Digital Passport,
Western Digital My Book Office, Western Digital My Book Pro II,
Western Digital My Book Home, Western Digital My Book Premium ES,
Western Digital Passport Portable.


If you have lost your data from western hard drive then you can use skilledrecovery software that is available online in order to recover western digital hard drive data.

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