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I use the Welcome screen to logon to Windows and have the screensaver to
prompt for password, but I have noticed today that I get the classic login
for the screensaver and not the Welcome screen. I have doubled check the
Change the way users log on and off and Welcome screen is checked.
Anybody know how to get it back?

I have Windows XP Pro SP2.


I think that is what it is supposed to do. If you have fast user switch set
up, then It may use the welcome screen again. If not you will get the classic
log on.


I has used the Welcome screen before it's just decided to change on its own!
Welcome screen and Fast User switching are both enabled.


I had noticed the same problem.
The funny thing is the first time I load XP pro & SP2
clean from scratch, I did not have this problem. I then
reload the same machine again cleanly the second time,
this is when I notice this problem. The same problem
appears when I upgraded a different machine to SP2 instead
of a clean install. I had checked for all the settings but
found nothing out of place. Wondering if anybody else
experience the same problem or that this is normal.


Hey, how do you get the welcome screen to come on after the screensave
when you only have one account. I have XP Home. I would do XP Pro bu
my games dont work and ie skips when scrolling. any way to fix that a
well? Dylan
(e-mail address removed)
(e-mail address removed)


I'm not quite sure myself, if you have the Welcome screen enabled and
everything then it should appear. I think this is a SP2 issue as David seems
to have the same problem.

As for you - XP Pro is practically the same as Home so a game that works
with Home will work with Pro. I would post the IE problem is the IE newsgroup.


It says:
Wait x minutes - On resume, password protect

Tried your registry file but that just disabled the option, so I restored
the previous settings. I've looked on another computer with XP Home SP2 and
none of the entries in your file were in the registry. That computer displays
"On resume, Welcome screen".


That is because the other system didn't have the screensaver locked nor a
policy in force. The third entry is to ensure that all settings are saved
upon exit.


Hi David,

All systems whether being Dell or HP, etc.....come with third party software
and drivers. That said, this is not an SP2 issue. It is a user issue.

Note: If there is only one user without a password for the user account,
the situation differs. There must be two users, thus if you have enabled
Fast User Switching and there is only ONE account, the "On resume, display
Welcome screen" will be not available.

Another note from users that may pertain to you as well:

Offline Files must not be checked under Folder Options/Tools.

Good luck!
Aug 8, 2012
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Screensaver/Wait x minutes - On resume, display Welcome Screen.

If it isn't listed, run the edit on line 161 (right hand side)

All the Best,

Microsoft-MVP Windows® XP
2004 Windows MVP "Winny" Award

Tried your registry file but that just disabled the option, so I restored
the previous settings.

Just like to say to you Kelly, thank you so very much.

Your registry file not only took away my password on resume option it also killed my trackpad and a task bar program too. I am now reimaging my netbook. I am also unable to import a backup of my registry that I exported before using your registry file (and yes I've even tried in safe mode).

Thank you so much for causing me a lot of hassle with your useless registry file that does nothing useful. If you're really as good as your signature says then you need to find another industry to work in as you're nothing but a menace.

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