Weird 53 network path not found since updates



Hey there,

we have a strange problem, which is probably caused by one of the

We have 2 locations, 1 in the (location A) subnet and one in
the (location B) subnet. The 2 are connected through a LAN
to LAN VPN setup between a Vigor 2300 and a 2600 series. From location A
the connect to the terminal server at location B, the terminal would
normally then net use a: \\<client>\A to map the A: drive on the
workstation (due to dos program this is necessary).

This used to work for a long long time. Recently it stopped.

net use A: \\<clientname>\A
net use A: \\<clientip>\A

both give 53 network path not found

ping <clientname> works and nicely returns with the IP address and

net view \\<clientname>

gives 53 network path not found as well.

Even wierder, there are ofcourse DNS servers at location B, if we try from
location A:


it will give invalid domain, if we try it from location B it nicely returns

This also happens if I'm on linux at location A with dig (dig @
-x gives invalid domain as well).

Are there any new security updates that prevent certain things from
happening from other subnets? I'm having a really hard time with this
strange problem. Especially the DNS problem has me confused, it works fine
from the subnet the servers are on. Other subnets (like internet ones)
resolve fine backwards from both locations. It doesn't matter if the
machines at location A are members of the domain or not.

Surely hope you have some ideas. I was thinking it might be packet
corruption on the vpn tunnel or something, but the terminal sessions run
great, with no problems at all.

Kind regards & TIA


Nevermind. Appearantly someone thought it would be nice to implement worm
security in the routers. Unfortunately this isn't visible at all in their
webinterface :(.

Thx tho'

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