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I've just completed a training Lab for Windows 2000 networking purposes.
Here's the config...

(1) Windows 2000 Server (SP4) w/ Active Directory
(3) Windows 2000 Pro (SP4) Clients
(1) 4-port Linksys router & a 5-port Linksys workgroup switch
(1) DSL Modem

The problem is, I'm not able to access the internet on the client pcs. I've
disable DHCP on the router and set DHCP on the Server. I can access the
internet on the Server however. My router's local LAN IP is My
Server's IP config is IP Addr:, Subnet:,
Gateway:, Preferred DNS: My IP scope starts at

I have scope options set on the Server to Router:, DNS
Server:, Host When I 'ipconfig /all' on my client
pcs, I'm returned, Client IP: 192.168.1.xx, Subnet:,
Gateway:, DHCP Server:, DNS Server:

Any ideas anyone? Should I configure DNS & how?




david lazarus

Obviously the server has a static address - otherwise DHCP would have
complained when you set it up. It also goes to suggest that you have
configured the server with PDNS and possibly SDNS - If so what are these

If you are running AD on the servers then DNS should already be configured
as AD requires DNS. Thus you can do 2 things. if the clients are not a
member of your Servers domain. Set the DNS address for the DHCP clients to
the same as your server DNS. This should then allow your clients to Browse
the internet.
On the otherhand if your clients are members of the domain you should set
the DNS for the clients to point to the servers IP (as it should already
have the DNS server service started) If this is the case then you may need
to configure forward lookups on your DNS server to point to the ip address
that your server has. As it must be resolving DNS names somehow.

Also one more thing - A lot of ISP's provide DNS resolution for their
customers. If you set your clients to use the IP address of the ISP's server
(assuming there is no firewall that is going to block the requests) You
should find that your clients are accessing the internet.


I'm using AD & the clients are joined to the domain.

I tried using forward lookups before, but kept getting tons of Netlogon
errors in my 'System Log' (Event Viewer) on the server. The internet for the
clients worked however but the System Log contained too many errors.

How can I properly configure DNS to fix this without getting these errors.
The server IP is

note: The ADSL connection is DHCP obtained instead of Static.

Phillip Windell

D. Young said:
disable DHCP on the router and set DHCP on the Server. I can access the
internet on the Server however. My router's local LAN IP is My
Server's IP config is IP Addr:, Subnet:,
Gateway:, Preferred DNS: My IP scope starts at

Preferred DNS should be Everything should look to the AD/DNS
for the DNS to be used ( Your ISP's DNS should be listed
*only* in the Forwards List in your DNS Server Configuration. Some Cable
routers will forward DNS queries to the ISP if you use the router for the
DNS settings,...but I don't recommend that,...hoewever if you do, then
include it ( in the Forwarders List as well.



david lazarus

Ok some pointers.

1)Your Server DNS settings should point to its own ip address192.168.1.10.
The reason it should point to itself is because the Domain DNS is running.
If the server cant find its domain information ( all done through DNS) it
will give you lots of errors.

2) Point all of the clients at the servers ip address for DNS -
this will make the server do all the lookups for the clients.

3) Set your server to do forward lookups to the ISP's DNS server. This will
be an internet IP not a 192.168.x.x or a 172.x.x.x address. If you connect
to your DSL modem or router, have a look at the DNS address that has been
dynamically assigned to the DSL device. Use this IP address as the DNS
lookup address on your DNS server

4) What are the Netlogon errors that you are getting. It is possible that
they are related to your clients not having the correct DNS IP address set.
I suggest that you have a look on\Technet to figure out
what the correct messages are.

5) Finally when you first ran a DCPROMO on your server. Did you allow the
DCPROMO to configure it's own DNS or had you configured this before you ran
it. If you configured it yourself you may run into problems. I have
configured it myself before and unless you are really good with DNS and AD I
recommend that you let AD do the DNS configuration. If this is what you have
done it may be better to demote your server and remove the clients from the
domain. then start again.

Hope that helps.

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