webpages stop loading IE 6



Ever since I did a windows update a few days ago (xp sp2), some websites will
not load completely.
Particularly certain forums sites with ads at the top of the page. Some of
the ads will load, but then the rest of the page will be blank, with "done"
at the bottom left of IE.
These pages will eventually load if I hit refresh one or several times.

Don Varnau

First, clear the IE cache. IE> Tools> Internet Options> General> Delete
files (and delete offline content when that dialog pops up) It's often
recommended that the TIF folder be kept at about 50 MB (Settings.)

Disable, as a test, third-party security, privacy, ad-blocking programs. One
of them may need to be recinfigured, reinstalled or updated.

Turn on the windows Firewall (Control Panel> Windows Firewall) and disable
(as a test) your third-party firewall (if you're running one.)

McAfee Privacy Service has caused problems recently. Disable it.

Check for a HOSTS file:
Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File:
The Hosts File (Gorilla Design Studio): http://www.accs-net.com/hosts/

Other possibilities at:
Can't display- DNS Errors: http://inetexplorer.mvps.org/answers/16.html
Blank, empty, see through windows:

Hope this helps,

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