We have an issue with users setting up printers that are already shared


Corey Arndt

We have our network printers shared on the network. Our users are
responsible to add these shared printers to their computer as they need.
Our users only have PowerUser access on their PC (not administrator access).

When the users attempt to add these printers to their computer they are
given Access Denied and are not able to add the printer.

If I log in as administrator and add the printer then log in as the user the
printer is not there but if the user tries to add that printer (after the
admin has) everything works fine.

Is there any special access we can grant the user or what needs to be
installed to be able to have the user do this?

Also, what is a recommended approach for doing this? Any suggestions?

Hopefully this is simple. If not, just another challenge.

Anyway, any help is appreciated.

Thank You

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