Installing shared Printers for *all* users


Jim Helfer

We are migrating away from Novell printing to shared printers on a
Win2003Rr print server installed on

We've noticed that unlike the Novell-based printers and locally
connected windows printers, when we install netowrk printers, they semm
to only install for the currently logged in user. If you log in as
another user the printers are gone!

This has to be a error in our setup. There's no way it could be
designed this way. That would be as bad as having no way to install
software for all users on a computer.

Anyway, any ideas on what we could have screwed up and how to un-screw
it would be apreciated.

Jim Helfer | WTW Architects | Pittsburgh PA

Alan Morris [MSFT]

You can setup the connections using group policy if you have Server 2003 DC
with the Server 2003 R2 schema changes

or use rundll32 to add the connection so it is propagated to each user.
Document this since an admin will have to use rundll32 to change or remove
the connection.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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