WAV file won't play



I recorded 33 separate wave files all in the same fashion and inserted them
into the appropriate slides in my presentation. For some strange reason, the
WAV file associated with Slide 7 won't play. I've verified that the WAV file
works by playing it on Real Player and even listened to the narration on
I-Tunes. I've tried creating a new slide and inserting it. I've tried to
insert the WAV file into an entirely new presentation. All to no avail. I
hope I don't need to re-record it as my narrator is 45 miles away.

Any help is appreciated.






Are all of the wav files embedded or is slide 7 sound linked? (maybe because
its larger)

If you dont know right click the sound icon > edit sound option - under file
there will either be a path or "contained in presentation"

If the one file is NOT embedded maybe the path to the sound file is too long.

Info on how to embed files here :

Did that answer the question / help?
John Wilson
Microsoft Certified Office Specialist

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