Water-cooled CPU



Are these water-cooled units for CPUs too expensive? I'd get a good
one if it were under $60. If anyone has a link to show reviews of
water-cooled CPU units I'd appreciate it. More specifically, I'm
looking for something that fits an Athlon 64. I need to learn more
about these "water-cooling" units, I'd think they would use some kind
of red anti-freeze (we called it computer "blood") like the 1970's
mainframe computers used.




Well, a few years ago $60 could get you most of the parts for a watercooler.
Now, $129 is about as cheap as you'll find for something that works better
than air cooling. You want a decent pump that's gonna last awhile and some
quiet fans for your radiator.Check out some of the hardware sites for ideas.
www.hardocp.com , www.anandtech.com.

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