Want Sum in Report Header of calculated field in Report Detail ?



I've got a calculated field in the Report Detail area of my Report...

The Expression is plugged into the fields Control Source and it looks
like this...


The calculated field is named TransactionCom

There will be many rows on the reoport... one for each transaction...

I want to sum up the TransactionCom values and show that total in the
Report Header...

For a non calculated field I would use... =Sum ( [ fieldName ] )

But how do I do this for a field in the Report Detail with an
Expression in it?

I tried using the field name like this.. =Sum([TransactionCom])
but it didn't work.

Thanks for any help on this.




OK, I think I got this to work.

So for others here is how I did it.

I put the Expression in the Sum like this...

Sum ( IIf([OrdPmtAmt]>0,[NetCom],IIf([NewOrRetOrder]="Return",[NetCom],
0)) )

Note I had to take the "=" sign out before the iif

I'll do some more careful checking but so far it looks like this is

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