sum of calculated fields in header of report




I have an access application (access 2007) (client server) with a split
(BE on the server en FE on laptop)
I have a rapport in whcih the following things are presen';

1. a header per salesman with the fields;
name salesman
totturnover (totalling fields in the body)

2. a body with a few calculated fields with iif statements e.g.;

field "totbeloning" with :

This works fine in the body

My question;
I would like to total the field "totbeloning" per salesman in the header
field "totbelverk".
So the summarized field should be in the header per salesman.
Now, I know you cannot total calculated fields and you have to repeat the
formula in the field in the header (right?).

I then get;

But, when i run the report i get a faulty total bacause it will only total
the record where the field "startkosten" has a number in it. And that is not
allways the case. The rest of the records is skipped in the total.

Problem 2
In the body i have a calculated field with multiple iif statments;

fieldname "omzet"

In itself, this works fine in the body !

ofcourse i would like to have a total field, called "omzetverk" in the
header of the salesman
I tried to do this with the formula;


When the report is executed it gives an error message statign;
"data do not match the criteriumexpression"

Can somebody help me to get nice totals in the header please ?



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