Report Calculation Trouble



Can anyone help me with this expression?

I have a report linked to a query with the following fields bieng pulled
from various tables:

[NRP] Currency: Non Recurring Price
[#] Number: Quantity
[TDAPP] Yes (0)/No(-1): Term Discount Applicable

In the report I have created the following calculated fields:

[TotalNRP] = [NRP]* [#]
[TDNRP] =IIf([TDAPP]="-1",[NRP]*[#],"0")

Both of which perform well. My problem is I need to total the TDNRP column
of the report.
I tried creating a new field called [TotalTDNRP] =sum
(IIf([TDAPP]="-1",[NRP]*[#],"0")) and it didn’t work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, David.




What do you get? Error or wrong resault?
Does this formula works when not trying to sum on it?

Any way, check the followings:
1. Yes/No fields and numbers don't need double quotes, try:

2. Check for Nulls

3. Make sure the text box where this formula located in doesnt have the
name: TDAPP, NRP, [#]

4. The Sum need to be on the Report Footer and not the PageFooter, it won't
work on the page footer

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