w32time with minlogon?



We are trying to use w32time to synchronize the time on our XPE device.
The device uses a minlogon profile image, and does not participate in a
domain or use an active directory server, we are trying to sync time using

I have included the following components in my image:
Time Service Core
Time Service Executable
Primitive: W32topl (someone requested to add this because the docs said it
was a utility, but the component just contains a DLL, so I don't think we're
really using it)

Again, we are not using a domain, and are trying to synchronize using NTP.
We set up the registry as follows:

Enabled (REG_DWORD) = 1 = Always start the NTP server

Type (REG_SZ) = "NTP" = Synchronize to manually configured source
NtpServer (REG_SZ) = "space-delimited list of hostname/IP addresses" = NTP
servers to synchronize from.
"<primaryIP> <secondaryIP>,0x2"
Log (REG_DWORD) = 0x00000064
WriteLog (REG_SZ) = "True"

MaxPosPhaseCorrection (REG_DWORD) = 0xFFFFFFFF = infinite/off
MaxNegPhaseCorrection (REG_DWORD) = 0xFFFFFFFF = infinite/off

This is done just have the Date and Time Properties dialog to show what we
have set for NtpServer (it defaults to time.window.com).
Delete everything and set "0" to value of NtpServer

These were done just to see if they would stop the use of "time.windows.com"

Delete subkey HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\W32Time

Delete value SpecialPollTimeRemaining (it was always set to time.windows.com)

The attempt to start the w32time fails and logs the following error:

Our image is using Minlogon as the Session Manager. When using Winlogon,
the time service is able to start (though we haven't yet been able to get it
to sync time). We would like to find out if we have a missing/undocumented
dependency that is not fulfilled, or if the Time Service is known not to work
with Minlogon. We would hate to have to go with Winlogon JUST because of
this. We would appreciate any help that can be given with getting the time
service to start, as well as any documentation/assistance in how to configure
NTP when not using a domain on Windows XP.


Ann Adamson

PS: Here is a previous thread that I started on
microsoft.public.windowsxp.embedded where I tried to get some info on the
problem, but to no avail.


Doug Hoeffel


I have never been able to get XP time sync. work.

I use the Time Sync. Service from the NT Resource Kit. The only issue that
I noticed on my product is that I must configure an IP and not a hostname.
Other than that it works fine.

HTH... Doug

Roy Hodgkinson


I can't answer your question about Minlogon but I also had problems
getting the Time service configured. We ended up applying the registry
settings for daily synch with the designated NTP service in post-clone



Just to be sure, we also added a time synch request into the Logon
script. After all that, we abandoned the solution because we were
seeing the time of day synching while the date remained incorrect.

For what its worth, Roy


Doug, does the NT Resource Kit version work on Minlogon, and if so, do you
know of any specific dependencies it requires?


Doug Hoeffel


I use Winlogon so I can't speak for MinLogon. I would atleast try it.

HTH... Doug
Sep 14, 2007
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Guys and girls,

this is not the answer on how to fix your problem, but there is nothing like troubleshooting with logs so have a quick look on this web page


hope this help


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