NTP question on Windows2003 Network



I hav configured my primary domain controller to sync time with an external
time server by editing the Registry as noted in the microsoft article.

I have another domain controller which is no longer my primary domain
controller that also gets time from an external time source. ( I think I did
this via net time /setsntp:nameofserver)

1. Is there any difference in using net time /setsntp vs editing the
registry manually? (wondering why microsoft and other articles I saw are
making it more complicated by requiring you to edit the registry?).

2. How do I set my domain controller that is no longer my primary domain
controller to obtain time from the primary domain controller (default
settings) instead of the external time source. Should I edit the registry
settings or just do a net time /setsntp:nameofmynewprimarydomaincontroller??

For this answer I would like to know what the registry settings should for
the default setting on the server.
Do I change
back to
Delete this key (for some reason the nptserver entry wasn't in my primary
domain server so I had to enter
etc etc.

3. How do I check my other domain servers and member servers to ensure they
are getting time from the primary domain server? When I do a net time
/querysntp, I get The current SNTP value is: time.windows.com, 0x1. I
thought the default setting was that the other servers synched time with the


Meinolf Weber

Hello cst112,

Think this is an easier way and w32time is the new command:


old PDCEmulator


Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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Thanks, that simplifies things. Looks like the instructions for the old
PDCEmulatoer changes the registry key to
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\Parameters\Type\NT5DS which
changes it to synch time from domain hierarchy.

So to answer another one of my questions, just look for this registry key to
see how the time is synching.
Or is there a command line tool that will tell me this?


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