W2000 SP 4 update - "The connection with the server was reset"



I am trying to download service pack 4 from the web site
but I keep getting
"The connection with the server was reset".
"If the error persists after you have clicked Retry
several times, go to the Windows 2000 Service Pack web
site and select Problems Downloading the Service Pack".

I have exactly this problem, but I cannot find the link for
"Problems Downloading the Service Pack"

Any ideas?



Hi John

I suggest that you should download and install the Network Installation of
Windows 2000 SP4.

Go here to download it:

Direct Download Link:
(~130 MB)

If you don't want to download anything then you can order SP4 on CD.
Shipping+Handling costs apply. To order go here:

Order the CD by Phone or Fax
Call (800) 360-7561
Fax (716) 447-7330

a.. Request part number C11-03228 for SP4 English
b.. Request part number C11-03229 for SP4 French

Using a Download Manager will allow you to interrupt/resume when you like.
Get a free Download Manager here:

LeechGet: http://www.leechget.de/

Some Shareware Download Managers are:

GetRight: http://www.getright.com

FlashGet: http://www.flashget.com/

Go!Zilla: http://gozilla.com/index.htm

and many more...

NOTE: Always backup your system *before* installing and please choose to
archive the files during Setup as this will allow you to roll back the SP
Installation in the unlikely case that problems would occur.

Hope this helps. Regards,


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