w2000 not access internet but will access LAN



W2000 will access LAN but will not access internet - it is
a multiboot system, and W98 on same PC is able to access
internet and LAN - was working fine until latest MS W2000
update - have tried reinstalling drivers and repairing
W2000 - trying to uninstall only made matters worse - am
using linksys router - ipconfig shows DHCP enabled but IP
address of zero (under W2000)- winipcfg gives error
message "winipcfg.exe - ordinal not found - The ordinal
1001 could not be located in the dynamic link library

Pavan \(MS\)

winipcfg.exe is not a Win98 command. Try "IPConfig /renew" command, this
command will force the computer to contact a DHCP server. How is Win98
TCP/IP settings configured?

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