vpn-users disconnect - Event 20048/RemoteAccess


arno schoblocher


I have a W2k-Terminal Server, SP3 incl. all updates without SP4. The client
PC is a Win2k SP4 or WinXP-Pro SP1, all with latest updates.

The Terminal Server is also the server for RAS/VPN (PPTP).

When I connect to the server with VPN then my TerminalServer Sessions
disconnect after a few seconds or afther 40 minutes (and anythin between).
The VPN session is still active, only the TS-session disconnects. In the
event-log i get the message stated below (tranlated from german)

I found the following KB-articles but no solution:
dated 4. june 2003

dated 23. july 2003 ??? but i think this one is not for me as it discusses
two vpn-SERVERS (and not server-pc)

In Google advanced newsgroup search i found articles that say it is
important to know if the server or the client requests the termination of
the session. This can be viewed in ppp.log. My ppp.log shows the following
entries, i think the client PC requests the disconnection:

[2828] 16:03:21:928: Packet received (18 bytes) for hPort
[2956] 16:03:21:928: >PPP packet received at 08/22/2003
[2956] 16:03:21:928: >Protocol = LCP, Type = Terminate-
Req, Length = 0x12, Id = 0xa, Port = 2

What can I do now that the connection does not disconnect? I did not set any
timeout, i can run the TS-sessions for hours, also if i do nothing (or not

Shall I install SP4 on the server, but what das this help when the PC
requests the disconnection? I do not want to install SP4 if it is not
absolutely neccessary to solve that problem (i cannot risk printing

Shall i use L2TP? (will this one work, but i guess it is very complicated to
set up for 5 remote users)

Well, I cannot do anything on the PC's as the have latest updates installed?

In newsgroups I recognised lot's of problems but nobody posted a solution.

Best regards


event-type: Informationen
source: RemoteAccess
category: none
id: 20048
Date: 22.08.2003
time: 16:06:24
user: not applicable
Computer: server
the user "server\user" had a connection to port VPN4-9 on 8/22/2003 at 3:25
disconnected at 22/8/2003 at 4:06. connection time 41 min, 0Bytes were sent,
0 bytes received. speed 10000000. The reason to the disconnection was: user

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