VPN connection to 2003 sp2 server



Terminal Server 2003. I have routing and remote access configured. I see the
users connect to the server. But when I try to make a remote access
connection back to their (remote) machine the entire connection including
the client
(remote) machine gets hung. I disconnect the session from the routing and
remote access console, but the remote machine gets hung and needs to be
rebooted. The remote machine is running Vista SP1. During testing I can ping
the remote computer for about 30 seconds. Same issue if I initiate a remote
desktop connection to the remote computer via the VPN connection. I get to
the remote machine, I am able to see the login screen and enter my
credentials, and then at login it gets hung.

The problem is only on this 1 remote access server (TermServer). My old TS
running windows 2003 sp2 can make the connection fine.

Any idea?


George Yin


I saw you posted the same issue in another post, issue ID 42788875, I would
like to suggest that we follow the problem there. Other members who see
this issue or have any resolution are also warmly welcome to share
information there.

Thank you for your cooperation.

George Yin
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