reomote VPN connection Win 2003 server



I've got a question that i can't seem to find an answer to. I have a routing
and remote access server set up to allow for a router to router demand dial
connection between our main office and a sattelite office in another state. I
have now been asked to set up a remote VPN connection for an employee that
works from home several days a week. I've added another NIC card to the
server and attenpted to set up a remote VPN connection on the current routing
and remote acess server but when i attempt to set up the remote VPN
connection it only gives me the option to set up a new demand dial interface.
My question is if the current routing and remote access server is already set
up for a router to router connection will it not allow me to set up another
type of remote access server? will i need to set up a new server with routing
and remote access for remote access VPN? If somebody could help me out i
would appreciate it, i've look on the microsoft website but i cna't find
anything that relates to my situation, thanks in advance. I'm using Windows
2003 server standard edition. If anyone has any links to usful information
please let me know.


Bill Grant

Why did you decide you needed another NIC? What would it do?

VPN clients connect to WAN miniports. You will already have these set
up. Router to router connections connect to demand dial interfaces so that
routing can be configured. Client-server type connections do not even need
dd interfaces. They simply connect to the RRAS interface called "internal"
which is the endpoint of the VPN connection.

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