VPN server with 2 NIC



Hi guys,

I need some guidance to setup a VPN server using 2 NIC in a
server. How can I configure 2 NIC in a server so that 1 nic for my internal
LAN and the other NIC acting as VPN server with Static Public IP.

Thanks alot.



Robert L [MS-MVP]

quoted form http://www25.brinkster.com/ChicagoTech
How to configure W2K server as VPN server

To setup a Windows 2000 server for VPN, open Routing and Remote Access
console in the Administrative Tools folder, right-click the server and then
click Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access>Virtual private network
[VPN] server. Click Next if TCP/IP is only protocol you will use. Select a
connection you will connect to on the Internet Connection. You will have two
options to assign IP to VPN clients. The default is Automatically. It is
recommended to configure the server to assign client addresses from a static
address pool, rather than assigning addresses from a DHCP server. If you
configure RAS to assign client addresses from a static address pool, clients
inherit the DNS and WINS settings from the RAS server. If your RAS server
can browse the network, clients should also be able to browse the network
with the same settings. If you prefer DHCP, verify that DHCP scope option 44
(WINS/NetBIOS name server) points to the WINS server and scope option 6
shows the address of your DNS server. When you don't define these options,
you almost guarantee problems with client browsing. Finally, you can select
using RADIUS or not.

NOTE: If VPN traffic is traveling through a router or firewall, configure
the router or firewall to pass PPTP (TCP Port 1723 and IP Protocol ID 47
[GRE - Generic Routing Encapsulation]) or L2TP over IPSec (UDP Port 500 and
IP Protocol ID 50 [Encapsulating Security Payload]) traffic to and from the
VPN server.

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