VPN PPTP and local printing


Jeremy Dietz

I currently have a Win2k Pro SP4 workstation which is
connected to a LAN. Also I have setup a Windows VPN
connection on this PC to a corporate Win2k server. We
have an ISDN connection to the internet. Whenever I'm
not connected via the VPN I can print to a LAN printer
almost instantly. However after I establish the remote
VPN connection and try to print locally there is a
significant delay. As soon as I disconnect the VPN
connection printing resumes almost instantly. I have
disabled File and Print Sharing on the VPN connection,
but it did not help. Any ideas anyone?



Bill Grant

It sounds like a name resolution problem. The workstation might be
trying to resolve the printer using an external name server. You could try
giving this workstation a hosts or lmhosts file with an entry for the local

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