VPN in broadband router


Engin Ören

Hi, i have a windows 2003 server behind a D-Link broadband internet
router/firewall (DI-804HV). Is it possible for me to set-up a RRAS server on
this w2k3 server and logon to it from outside the network ?
(i've read on D-Link's website that this is possible with tunneling 2 same
routers etc..but i want to do this without the second..)




Bill Grant

Yes. Enable your server as a remote access server. Check that it works by
establishing a VPN connection locally (ie over the LAN).

When this is working, forward PPTP (tcp port 1723) from the router to
the server's LAN IP. Now try to connect over the Internet to the router's
public IP.
If you get error 721, check that your router is not blocking GRE (IP
protocol 47).

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