VPN and network shares (again)



I know that there were already threads with this theme but all the
suggestions and hints I found don't resolve our problems.

I try to describe it as simple and clear as possible:

- Windows Vista (Ultimate edition RTM, latest patches)
- Domain member of blabla.local
- using Outlook and network shares
- integrated Windows PPTP-VPN-client (DNS, WINS and domain-suffix correctly

- Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 (latest patches)
- Domain controller for blabla.local

- Windows Server 2003 with ISA Server 2006
- PPTP-VPN (works perfectly with all clients except Vista)
- No domain member

Situation 1: Notebook connected to company LAN
Everythings works perfect. The network shares can be accessed and
synchronisation (offline folders) works fine.

Situation 2: Notebook connected via VPN
Outlook works fine, but shares could not be accessed. Neither with explorer
(\\server\share) nor with "net use" nor with browsing in the network
neighbourhood. BTW, RDP works fine aswell.

Among other things, I checked the following:
- Disabling RPC-filter on the ISA Server
- Upgrading the public net from where I started VPN to a private net
(otherwise you cannot browse network neighbourhood at all)
- Checked that netbios over tcp/ip is enabled on the server
- Only IP4 enabled on Vista
- Disabling firewalls on the SBS and on Vista

Either I am too simpleminded to understand or the new network center in
Vista is not really sophisticated. In my opinion it is stupid that I have to
classify the public net as private to browse the network though I am
connected via VPN with my domain network. Vista actually identifies my VPN as
the domain network.

BTW, we also encounter the same problems when we try to access foreign
domains. The connection works fine. A remote XP client can even use a share
on the Vista maschine but not the other way around.

Thank you for any suggestions.



Additional information:

With the FQDN I am able to access shares. I thought I already tried that
thing but it seems I was wrong.

But it doesn't really help cause we are using only the simple name for our
mappings and for the offline folders and vista makes a difference between
\\server\share and \\server.blabla.local\share.

net view \\<ip-address> - unsuccessful
net view \\<name> - unsuccessful
net view \\<server.domain.local - successful

Name resolution works fine even for <name>. WINS server should also works
fine. WINS and DNS and DNS-suffix are set correctly within the vpn connection.

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