Vostro 1400 xp pro yesterday need tips and tricks



Vostro 1400 xp pro yesterday need tips and tricks

Vostro 1400 xp pro yesterday need tips and tricks

I just got this yesterday locked it up 1st time on but it restarted
ok. Zero in control panel was a surprise I searched for a hour on
Google did anyone else have to click start on this, and get the
windows screen you must start zero?

Dial up connection will not dial the phone number, window comes up
dial on your phone then click ok it worked once but I changed so many
settings looking for the modem to dial now the modem will not connect
when I dial the phone... any tips?

wifi my girl friends compac connects to BIH I get this on my
connections too but its secure I need a key but she got in without one
far as I know, as she is in Breckenridge skiing I can't find out how
she got into a secure connection, it ask me for a key every time. Any
tips for secure... keys?

Vostro 1400 xp pro yesterday it boots up nicely, I have been using
win98se and a Pentium 3 for the last 8 years, so this is light years
down range. I did not click on Dell quick fixes just read a message
not to let Dell set your start up etc... so if we cant use Dell icon
what is the best way to check msconfig without knowing what all the
lines on the screen do, if they are junk or not?

Also Dell did not send a packing list. No serial # nothing I was
thinking I would have to take this to FedEx Kindos and put the laptop
on the copier and take a picture of the bottom numbers etc. Is there a
better way?

One question about a monitor plug in I have a old Dell monitor I
bought for $10 and it works can anyone tell me the steps to connect
this.. do I plug in the vga plug and turn the Dell Monitor on first
before I turn on the Vostro 1400? thanks

On can I leave a sd card in all the time?

DSL lic for my music tried to open Carly Simon and got the Microsoft
lic screen... Can I just copy the cd to the Vostro as I copied the
files via an external usb hd?

I bought 2 books on xp pro from Amazon. Both used for about $10 each
one with a cd. One book is 700 pages grin.

So e mail me any good xp pro links you have I'm not going to use Vista
for the next 10 years. Got a good deal on the Dell Vostro 1400 $715 on
the Outlet Store.

My next Dell will be the m6300 $1,200 almost twice as much but could
plug this into a 32 inch LCD might be ably to plug the Vostro 1400
into a 32 inch LCD too as it has the GeForce 128 meg card. Anyone try


Greg Buell
(e-mail address removed)

Greg Buell

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