Volume Icon Keeps Disappearing




The volume icon in the Systems Tray keeps disappearing despite the "Place
volume icon in the taskbar" being checked in the Sound Control Panel. Even
beforery time I boot up I have to open the control panel, uncheck the box,
close the control panel, open it up again and re-check the selection before
the icon will appear.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Rick


I had the same problem up until last night. And I think I might have fixed
the problem thanks to this web site I found mentioned in another similar
Go here and go down to the bottom to find Volume Control.

Basically, I did this:
To resolve this issue, extract a new copy of Sndvol32.exe from the Windows
XP CD to the system_root \System32 folder on your computer's hard disk.
expand -r sndvol32.ex_ c:\windows\system32
Of course, you have to use the command prompt and find the folder called

restarted the computer and it stays in the systray and the wave volumne
stays at max volume.
Good Luck.

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