Volume fluctuates / not constant


Darth Mura

For the last two days I've been experiencing trouble with the volume in
media player 10. The volume fluctuates, from barely discernable to
blaring. This is true with mp3, wave, and video files. I'm not
touching the volume control and can't detect any behavior on my part
(clicking this or moving that) that is consistent with the rise and

I did a little research in this group and on the net and the common
advice is update your drivers. Which I did. And I still have a
problem. And its not confined to MediaPlayer, but is obvious in other
media playing clients.

I also uninstalled a bunch of codecs I rarely use and reinstalled the
DIVX codecs. Still no luck.

I'm running Windows XP, SB Audigy 2 Value soundcard.

I'd certainly appreciate any ideas. This is getting bothersome.


Try physically unplugging and replugging the connectors from the speakers (or
subwoofer) to your sound card.

Darth Mura

Jonathan, my first reaction to your message was not kind, but figuring
I've got nothing to lose but 1 minute of my time by trying, I did as
you suggested. And surprise - no more problem!

Thank you.

But what's happening here? What was the problem and why did this solve

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