visual studio 2003 and crystal reports 8.5



People, I am using Visual Studio 2003 v7.1, with framework 1.1 SP1. I
also use crystal reports 8.5 to write a lot of my clients reports, and
recently upgraded my crystal 8.5 to 9. this however in hindsight was
not the best move. i realised afterwards some software i write requires

me to be on crystal 8.5, (this cannot change, at least for the next
little while).

so here is my problem; i need to go back to crystal 8.5. but it turns
out to not be that easy, i have uninstalled cystal completely, and
re-installed 8.5, still crystal 8.5 syntax will not compile in my projects. i un-installed visual studio completed and
re-installed in-case there was something in there that thought i was
still on version 9 crystal, and that did not work either.

is there maybe a registry key that i can change? or is it more
dramatic, if anyone has any information on this it would be great.

hopefully reading your replies soon, thanks.



Peter Proost

My guess is that your dot net is still using the dll's from 9.0 because you
compiled you program once with it, so I think you need to remove the
reference tot them from you program and then reference the 8.5 dll's again.

I hope this helps

Greetz Peter

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